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Frequently Asked Questions:

At what age can we take the puppy home?


Our puppies are available to go to their new homes when they are 8wks of age



What treatment does the puppy receive?


All of our puppies receive their first vaccinations, deworming, and a parasite prevention treatment.



What happens if my puppy becomes sick or injured after I have brought it home?  

Sandy Pines does not cover any medical costs of puppies that are no longer in our care.  However, we are very excited to be partnered with Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Through trupanion we are able to offer all of our puppies 30days of FREE pet insurance. 



If at any point I can no longer keep my dog/puppy, with Sandy Pines take it back?


Yes!  To help prevent our dogs from ending up abandoned or in a shelter, we offer all of our puppies a lifetime buyback guarantee of $500.  This offer is not limited to the original buyer as long as proof can be provided that the puppy is from Sandy Pines .  


Am I allowed to come to your property to see the parents/puppies?

Yes!  We believe it is important for pet owners to be allowed to see where their new puppy comes from and to meet the puppy parents.  We just do not allow people into our welping facility as strangers can easily upset moms with young puppies and we do not want to expose our puppies to any potential diseases.  We also do not allow anyone to see our puppies before they 5wks old and are starting to build their immune systems.

How do I pick my puppy?

Although we do allow people to pick there puppy in person, we do not consider a puppy reserved until we have a deposit, so be sure to arrange to come out quickly.  Most people pick their puppy from photos that we send out.  We are happy to make recommendations if you seek a puppy with a desired temperament. 

Do you ship your puppies?

No.  We instead encourage people to come out to get their puppy so they can fly it back as a carry on.  this is much safer and less stressful for the puppy.

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