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What is a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are a hybrid dog that first gained popularity in the 1960s.  Cockapoos, also known as American Cockapoos, are created by mixing the bloodlines of an American Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  Cockapoos are bred in a variety of ways.   Cockapoos can be a cross between two purebred dogs, a breeding of cockapoos to cockapoos or even breeding a cockapoo to a purebred poodle or cocker.  At Sandy Pines we only breed female American Cocker Spaniels with male Toy Poodles as we believe this gives us the best traits from each breed.  

What do Cockapoos look like?    

Because Cockapoos are not a purebred dog, they do not “breed true”.  This means that their physical characteristics are not predictable and will vary from dog to dog.  Cockapoos are small to medium in size, weighing between 12-30lbs.  Their coats vary from curly like a poodle to straight like a cocker and come is a range of colors and patterns.  Although cockapoos can shed like a cocker spaniel, they typically shed little to no hair.  Cockapoos do always have long ears that flop, a long muzzle (never a flat face) and a long tail (breeders will often dock Cockapoos tails as traditionally, cocker and poodles are both breeds with docked tails).  Tail docking is no longer a legal practice in Alberta, so all Sandy Pines puppies will come with a natural, full tail.

What is there temperament like?

Part of the Cockapoos popularity is due to the combination of the outgoing, loving personality of the cocker spaniel combined with the intelligence of the toy poodle.  Cockapoos are loyal dogs who prefer to be with their people.  They make good family pets that are tolerant and playful with children.  As with any breed, it is important to train your cockapoo in basic obedience and ensure that it is getting enough daily exercise.  Cockapoos are not born trained; it is up to us to teach them which behaviours are acceptable, which are not, and how to be respectful with their human pack.  As with any breed, early socialization is extremely important in preventing your cockapoo from becoming shy or fearful with people, dogs and other animals.  Luckily, because of their poodle heritage, Cockapoos are extremely intelligent and easy to train.  They love to learn and can be taught to do a variety of tricks and commands. 

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